Greetings YoYum Fans!

   Thank you for embracing springtime with us by stopping by the shop.  So many customers are back--some apologizing for their "fair weather" patronage.  No need to apologize!  We totally understand that cold desserts and warm weather go hand-in-hand.  Dig out your frequent buyer holder and join the fun once again!

  For us careful eaters (Me!), a menu  change that might interest you is that our smoothies are now dairy free.  We are using almond milk instead of yogurt.  Our smoothies have always been. and still are, gluten free.

    Come by Friday, May 27th, if you'd like to hear some live acoustic picking.  We're expecting a lively blend of upright bass, fiddle, guitar, banjo, and mandolin picking country, bluegrass, swing and gospel tunes.  Those who popped in for the Friday, April 29th session will agree it was an upbeat evening.

  If you're looking for a fun birthday-party idea, a tie-dye party here at YoYums might just be the ticket.  We happily accept scrip for parties, so if you want to benefit your school as your birthday boy or girl, just give us a call to schedule.

  Or as always, just stop by YoYums for our consistently delicious array of frozen yogurts, sorbet, fruits, nuts, candies and toppings--all the ingredients for artful masterpiece.

  And after five years, we are more delighted and overwhelmed than ever by the support we have received for our little mom 'n pop shop.  Thanks again!

Kevin & Lisa Kemna


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